How to persevere as a Businessman

How to persevere in Business?


Media got it all wrong! They are just showing the end result of successful people. They should also show the struggle! Because if you give up, you will never reach your full potential. Here are some tips to help you persevere in business and in life:




You need to dream big in order to win big! Set goals that are seemingly impossible to attain. What’s the point of being realistic in this world? Think about the creation of the plane, the first step on the moon, and the Renaissance period. You must set goals for the day, the week and the year. Remember that each step closer keeps one motivated.




Instead of setting goals like “I want to be a billionaire”, which is too vague, think about a specific goal like “I want my company to be the best in the industry within 5 years” or “I want to collect 300.000 fcfa this year to help children with my foundation” or “This month I want to make 10.000$”. Think big but start small. Don’t forget to always have the big picture in mind, but also set goals for short term period. This will help you to know precisely what you want, and motivate you all along your journey. Preparation is everything.




Always be honest in Business. Warren Buffet said: “Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people”. Dishonesty will discredit you, leaving you with a bad reputation. You don’t want to leave a bad image of yourself. Always be trustworthy, and don’t be scared to say NO. If you cannot do something, it is better to say no than to say yes but not do it. People will know that you are honest, and they will be more likely to trust what you say. To persevere in Business, honesty is essential. A company is a long term goal, so don’t forget that your image is very important.




Motivation is your enemy. It sounds crazy, I know, but it’s true! Think about it; If you want to give up, it’s not motivation that will push you to continue, it’s self-discipline! Motivation is not eternal. Some days you have it, and some days you don’t. You cannot count on it because you need to get things done every day. The only thing that will help you in the long run is Self-Discipline.

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