Portrait of an Entrepreneur – Episode 5 – Folorunsho Alakija

Folorunsho is a Nigerian Businesswoman involved in fashion, oil, and printing industry. She was born in Nigeria, and pursued her education in the UK, but never earned a university degree!

In 1974, she started as a secretary at SIJUADE Entreprises and then she spent 12 years in the banking industry.

She then decided to pursue her passion for fashion and opened a fashion label known today as The Rose of Sharon Prints and Promotions.

But her real breakthrough was when she received her Oil expiration and production license, and created her family business, Famfa Oil, now worth BILLIONS of dollars. 

She has expanded her empire to the printing and real estate industry.

More than all that, She is a mother, a grandmother, a wife, and a philanthropist. 

Alakija Folorunsho’s story is as impactful and inspiring as it can get. Because who would have known, that a girl from Nigeria with no master, no Ph.D., not even a bachelors degree, would have worked to become one of the most powerful women in the world. 

 Whether or not she had the social recognition of a master’s degree or a Ph.D., she has to overcome society rules on what educational level you should get in order to be successful. And even her father was telling her to stay a secretary, but she knew she deserved better and worked hard for it! And we respect that. Folorunsho is now worth 2.3 Billion dollars.

At some point, it’s not about luck, but faith. And Alakija Folorunsho is not the type of person that gives up easily, She is the proof that women can still achieve great things, and some of them are beginning to dominate industries that used to belong to men. That’s powerful!


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