Fashion Industry in Africa: $31 Billion!

 The Fashion Industry in Africa is worth $31billion, a number that will drastically increase in the next decades. Over the years, Fashion has become a hot topic among African creatives. More and more brands are being created every day. From streetwear to luxury, the range keeps expanding.

Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, and Senegal are among the big players in this untapped industry.
Celebrities and personalities from all over the world have worn pieces from African designers and elite magazines have featured and praised African fashion for its unique and attractive colours, prints and textures.

In no particular order, Here is an A-list of 7 successful African designers: 

1- Adama Ndiaye, Senegal

Adama started Adama Paris, in 2002, she is the founder of Dakar Fashion Week: an event allowing designers from West Africa to showcase their creations. She went on to create Black Fashion Week due to the lack of exposure in the African fashion world. Her style ranges from traditional to modern and sometimes a mixture of both. Her designs have graced multiple international runways.

2- Aisha Obuobi, Ghana

She is the woman behind luxury brand Christie Brown. Her style is inspired by the Neo-African woman. Her designs are mostly recognizable by her double fold signature. Her targeted clientele is the modern and conservative woman who wants to keep her African identity. Through her designs, Aisha empowers  African women of all shapes. In 2014, she launched a breast cancer awareness campaign that focuses on survivors to empower African women affected by the disease.

3- Amaka Osakwe, Nigeria

maki oooo
Founder of Maki Oh is probably one the most successful designers of her generation. She has worked with Beyonce on her latest album Lemonade greatly influenced by the African heritage and Former First Lady Michelle Obama, the only African American First Lady. Her style includes an unconventional pattern cutting. She plays around with different fabrics and creates a lot of flared and loose garments.

4- Lisa Folawiyo, Nigeria

This talented designer is best known for fusing African textile with modern tailoring and beaded embellishments. In 2012, Folawiyo won the African Fashion Awards. Lisa creates unique pieces by mixing various African prints and fabrics of different shapes. Her style is more creative than conventional, the typical customer would be an artist or any creative in the spotlight.

5- Taibo Bacar, ZimbabweTaibo ba.jpg

This former IT professional grew up around his mother who was a seamstress. He was then inspired to create his own brand, Taibo Bacar in 2008. Taibo Bacar is the definition of Elegance, one may compare him to CHANEL in terms of style. His pieces are modern and toned down when it comes to colours. He creates garments that reflect the Zimbabwean heritage while adding a touch of simplicity.

6- Mimi Plange, Ghanamimi09.jpg

Inspired by African Art, Rituals and Architecture, this Ghanaian designer showcased one of her collections at the white during an event hosted by Michelle Obama. Because of her Architecture background, she offers very structural cuts. Her style is colourful and bold but can also be toned down. She creates her own textile inspired by ancient African symbols. She partnered up with furniture designer Roche Bobois for an exclusive sofas collection made in Burkina Faso.

7- Kibonen, Cameroonkibonen1.png

This certified image consultant started her fashion journey in 2009. She is inspired by African tribes, mainly from Cameroonian tribes (Bamileke and Bamenda) and global trends. In 2013, she was nominated by Africa fashion International as Emerging designer of the year. She is well known for dressing Lupita Nyongo during the promotion of her movie, Queen of Katwe. Kibonen style goes from elegant to sporty, she mixes different materials such leather, denim, and cotton to produce stunning designs.

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